Monday, 29 August 2016

Joshu Osmanski:- Fun Facts About Biochemistry

After completing his military service, Joshu Osmanski enrolled in the School of Continuing Studies and is now a student of Biochemistry at Tulane University. The subject is fascinating and encompasses an enormous amount of knowledge that allows students to develop a deeper understanding of the many chemical processes that are related to organic life. There are many interesting facts that have been discovered because of research into the subject, some of which may be quite surprising.

  • If you were able to stretch out your DNA from a single cell, the resulting strand would be an astonishing two meters in length.
  • The human body is exceptionally rich in carbon, so much so that the average person would be able to provide enough for the creation of nine thousand graphite pencils.
  • Peppers taste hot because of a substance called capsaicin. Interestingly, birds are entirely immune to the sensation this substance generates.
  • The substance that allows cows to digest grass is Beta-amylase. The human body does not contain this, which is why we are unable to process grass should we choose to consume it.
  • You may think that humans and bananas have very little in common, however, we actually share 60% of our DNA with the popular fruit.
  • Every letter appears on the periodic table except for ‘J’.
  • The nails on your longest fingers grow faster than those on your shortest fingers, with fingernails in general growing four times faster than toenails.
Joshu Osmanski is currently a pre-med student at Tulane University and is studying for his degree in Biochemistry.

Monday, 8 August 2016

Joshu Osmanski - Surf Like a Pro

Many people who live in coastal areas enjoy surfing. Joshu Osmanski grew up in Boston and spent five years in the United States Navy. He is a strong swimmer who always looks forward to spending a day surfing. He stays active through outdoor activities. He served in the military until 2014 and chose to return to school to study biochemistry at Tulane. When he is not focused on his studies, he enjoys surfing with friends. There are a few steps that you can take in order to become a good surfer.

Joshu Osmanski 

If you have never been on a surfboard before, you should consider taking lessons with an instructor. A surf instructor can help you learn how to balance on your board. An instructor can also teach you how to kick, move, and how to take safety precautions. Before you go out into the ocean, it can be helpful to work with an instructor.

Another important step in becoming a good surfer involves practice. Spending time on your surfboard in the shallows may help you learn how to balance. Before you take on major waves, you should first consider working with gentler waves.

Once you become comfortable on your board, you can begin challenging yourself in the ocean. However, it is a good idea to always surf with a partner in case of emergency. Joshu Osmanski is an experienced surfer and swimmer. He is a former naval officer who renovates houses and invests in real estate while studying biochemistry at Tulane.