Friday, 27 October 2017

Joshu Osmanski: Scuba Diving

Joshu Osmanski spent five years in the United States Navy, so he’s used to being in and around open water. Shortly after he left the military to begin using his considerable skills and experience for property investment and development in Boston and New Orleans, Osmanski decided he wanted to be close to the water again. 

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Although he was a certified diver from his time in the Navy, Osmanski re-certified himself and refreshed himself in diving safety before he took to the depths on his own. While scuba diving can be dangerous at times, he finds the rewards of exploring deep water too enticing for the risks that come with it to keep him away. 

Joshu Osmanski explores wild areas that are much more remote and difficult to visit than many land-locked areas on Earth. Osmanski sees this as a huge reward for scuba diving. Being in a place where few humans have gone gives him unparalleled access to relatively untapped natural habitats and vistas. 

Underwater is a different world than on land, as Osmanski knows well from being a seaman and Naval officer. Getting to explore it can be dangerous but also hugely rewarding. Scuba divers get to experience a different side of nature than most others, swimming with the deep-sea creatures in the oceans that make up over two thirds of our planet. 

Joshu Osmanski turned his love of the ocean into a satisfying and intrepid hobby by scuba diving. He recommends it to all explorers and those who love the wild.