Monday, 23 October 2017

Joshu Osmanski: Three Tips for Beginning Surfers

Joshu Osmanski fell in love with surfing at a young age. As an officer and fighter pilot in the United States Navy, he found himself on the water frequently and developed a penchant for surfing. Joshu Osmanski has been out of the military since 2014 and continues to love the water and catching big waves. Osmanski is always looking for the next best place to put his board in the water and paddle out to catch the next wave. 

Here are three tips he always tells beginners:

  • Don’t go completely untrained

Joshu Osmanski usually recommends attending a surfing course before hitting the waves, but at the very least, beginners should take someone more experienced along who can teach them how to surf safely.

  • Dress appropriately

Many surfers take to the water with nothing but their swimsuit and their board, which is just fine for warm waters, usually. But if you’re unsure of the water temperature, consider a wetsuit. Getting hypothermia is easier than it seems, even if the air is relatively warm.
  • Find a board that fits
Many people take boards that don’t balance them properly and wipe out frequently, causing frustration. Getting a board first-timers feel comfortable makes a large difference. 

Joshu Osmanski loves to help people learn how to surf and enjoy the water as much as he does. He teaches his friends when they need help and assists in recommending the right gear and locations whenever he can. Osmanski is a real estate developer and investor with properties in Boston and New Orleans.