Thursday, 2 November 2017

Joshu Osmanski: How to be a Pilot in the US Navy

Joshu Osmanski was a fighter pilot in the United States Navy and a Naval officer for five years before he started his career in real estate investment. Joshu Osmanski trained hard to succeed in the Navy so he wouldn’t let his superiors or inferiors down in any way. 

He had people following him and looking to him for leadership, and he couldn’t fail them by not being trained or competent enough to do his job effectively. To be a pilot in the US Navy, you have to make it through an especially difficult selection process designed to push you to your physical, psychological, emotional, and intellectual limits. 

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Joshu Osmanski was commissioned an officer in the Navy in 2009 and left the military in 2014 to apply all that he had learned to a successful civilian life. One way that many people join the Navy as pilots is to enroll in the Naval Reserve Officer’s Training Corps, known as the ROTC. 

Members of the ROTC attend a civilian college while also training to be officers in the United States military. To become a pilot, however, all candidates must pass the Aviation Selection Test and have nearly perfect vision. The training involves classroom instruction and hours of hands-on education. 

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Joshu Osmanski developed his skills as a fighter pilot over the months of his training and his years in the Navy. When he left the military in 2014, he had already weathered many intense training programs and handled difficult situations of all kinds. He was ready to make a difference in his civilian life.