Tuesday, 22 November 2016

Joshu Osmanski - How to Think About Making Maximum Money in Business

One of the differences between successful business people like Joshu Osmanski and people who are struggling has to do with belief systems about self and about money. People that make great profits usually believe that they are worthy of the money that they are making. They can quote large fees, negotiate large salaries and deals and tell others what needs to be done. All this has more to do with self-esteem and beliefs than it has to do with skills, talents or knowledge. Their beliefs then manifest in their actions and their behavior. Simply put, there are behaviors that lead to success and there are behaviors that do not.

Joshu Osmanski
One of those beliefs is a belief that they can do whatever needs to be done in order to bring a venture to a success. One of the reasons why successful people do not give up is because they are able to see a lot of incompetence around them, recognize and acknowledge it.

Successful business people also have a presence to them. They are able to listen to their partners or employees, understand the position of the other party, relate to it and find solutions that work for everyone. This presence is also really important when it comes to asking clients for money or handling negotiations about money in the way that a successful business person like Joshu Osmanski would do.