Wednesday, 13 December 2017

Joshu Osmanski: Golf

Joshu Osmanski credits his golf skills for landing some of his biggest clients as a real estate investor and business consultant in both Boston and New Orleans. Golfing allows for conversation and meetings with business professionals and owners frequently while providing a respite from the office. 

Osmanski sees developing his golf skills to at least competent levels a business expense and necessity. 

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Joshu Osmanski golfs regularly not only because it affords him great opportunities for business, he also finds it incredibly relaxing. Because it’s such an individually-focused game, Osmanski doesn’t feel the pressure of playing team sports when he lines up a shot or works on his drive. 

He is able to focus on his shot and clear his mind, which, he says, “helps me focus on more important things during my work day.”

Golfing has become an integral part of the business dealings Joshu Osmanski has to conduct to help his clients and himself.