Saturday, 6 January 2018

Joshu Osmanski: The Many Benefits of Surfing

Joshu Osmanski maintains a busy professional life, dividing his time not only between real estate investing and business consulting, but also between the vastly different urban centers of Boston and New Orleans. 

His schedule, and work ethic, leave little time for activities outside of business, though when he does find a bit of extra time, he can often be found hitting the waves atop his surfboard.

An experienced surfer, Joshu Osmanski continues to enjoy the many benefits of hitting the waves, including:

Stress Relief

Not only does surfing provide the individual a great opportunity to push their own physical limits; to allows them the chance to relax, have fun, and release stress within the very heart of nature.

Physical Strength

Surfing requires the use of most muscle groups. Those who surf for any extended period of time tend to build and tone muscles at a considerable rate.

Personal Reward

Once learned and mastered, surfing can be an extremely gratifying activity, one full of potential for personal reward.